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Toward the finish of the nineteenth 100 years, Venezuela saw progressing riots. To stop the mobs, the diocesan of Merida, Mgr. da Silva, worked with minister Frie of the area of Sta. Rosa to buy the manor Scherpenheuvel and lay out a theological college there. On January 9, 1898, “El SeminarioInmaculada de Concepción de Scherpenheuvel” was officially initiated. Minister Frie had made the construction. 24 Spanish-talking students were under the oversight of Dutch educators. There was a serious absence of correspondence, yet father Radulphus helped by assisting the Dutch scholastics with learning Spanish, which made a difference. Because of an absence of subsidizing, the theological school must be shut on August 27th, 1901.

Up until July 31st, 1974, Scherpenheuvel filled in as both a shelter and a specialized and professional school and preparing institution. The shelter shut down and the vocation preparing divisions were all moved to different areas or offered to the confidential area around then because of an absence of financing from the public authority. The pioneers behind Tilburg inhabited Huize Scherpenheuvel until 1995, when they gave the land to individuals of Curacao and left for Holland. Up until 2008, it filled in as the Roman Catholic Educational committee’s central command.

The assigned organization for safeguarding and safeguarding these destinations is St. Thomas College Establishment. The St. Martinus University Staff of Medicine moved into the “Home on the Sharp Slope,” otherwise called Huize Scherpenheuvel, on May 9. Following quite a while of fix and renovating, St. Martinus University at last opened its entryways in this superb construction on October twelfth.

About the city Curacao:

Simply 12° north of the Equator in the jungles, Curaçao has all year warmth and daylight. There is a 27° C typical temperature (during the 80s F). Continually blowing from the east are cooling exchange breezes, which become more grounded in the spring. Among October and February is the stormy season, which is many times described by brief, irregular downpours, particularly around evening time, and perseveringly splendid skies over the course of the day. Just 570 mm of downpour fall happens on normal year (22 inches).

Transportation of Public:
By transport, you can approach the island effortlessly. There are two unique sorts of public transportation accessible in Curaçao: the enormous transports, known as “Konvooi,” travel a more noteworthy distance, while vans with a greatest limit of nine individuals are tracked down on most metropolitan courses (they have Transport on their enrollment plates). Most of the island is covered by the transport lines, which may likewise take you to parks, sea shores, and business focuses.

As per the unmistakable US-based magazine Business Insider, Curaçao positions among the most delightful and most secure islands in the Caribbean. This reality makes it conceivable to live as one and peacefulness. This has been put forth conceivable by the unified attempts of Curaçao’s Crisis Administrations, Curaçao Local group of fire-fighters, Politur, the police division entrusted with safeguarding guests, and Curaçao Police Office. However, utilize good judgment and see all normalized security measures.

The water in Curaçao is of the greatest type and is totally protected to drink. To flood the land, American breeze turbines were moved to Curaçao around 1890. A refinery involving saltwater was initial placed into activity in 1928 to create drinking water. Fantastic water is created at this refinery in Curaçao, which is as of now called Aqualectra. It is delicate, has a low calcium content and no chloride, has no flavor or scent, and has a sound bacterial cosmetics.

An explorer’s heaven, Curaçao. On the island, there is continuously something to do. You will not get exhausted here in light of the fact that to the shocking sea shores, eating choices, nightlife, bars, lodgings, shops, scuba jumping, swimming, and different exercises.

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ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine Vision:

Aims to develop into a community of academics dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and intellectual pursuits, as well as in patient care.

These are our instructional objectives:

  • To create academic programmes that are focused on students and faculty that will provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their chosen careers.
  • To provide students with a well-crafted academic curriculum backed by knowledgeable instructors and staff in order to help them become well-rounded professionals capable of overcoming the obstacles that life has to offer.
  • To preserve a close connection between students, teachers, staff, and the community in order to foster a love of learning while embracing our cultural variety and individual abilities in a supportive, encouraging, and challenging environment.

ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine Mission:

Our objective at St. Martinus University’s Staff of Medicine is to give students with a balanced, student-focused scholarly educational plan in medicine that pushes them to accomplish their best degrees of scholastic accomplishment and to serve individuals with the greatest possible level of moral standards and sympathy.

ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine Curriculum:

Students to finish the courses fundamental for admission to the MD program rapidly through the Pre-Clinical Program. Moreover, this educational plan furnishes students with the information and abilities they’ll require when they start the Essential Science Program. Also, to assist students with being prepared for the classes they will concentrate in their MD1 Semester, our Pre-Clinical Program gives basic courses.

Course Highlight of MBBS from of ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

Full name of the course

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Duration of the course

4.5 years

Established on


Admission Process

Entrance Based

Language Required


Admission Sessions

March to September

Type of the Institute


Fee Required for the course

1st Year – $ 16,400
2nd Year – $ 13,000 
3rd Year – $ 13,100
4th Year – $ 13,100
Total – $ 55600


Hostel + Mess = $ 5000 Per Year 

College Location

US and Canada Office for Document Processing: 401 Seminole Building, 461 W Huron Street, Pontiac, MI 48341, USA Tel: +1.877.681.4SMU(4768); +1.718.841.7682; +1.512.535.3345, Canada Tel: +1.416.907.0920; +1.604.288.2869, Fax: +1.718.732.2503

University Website

ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine Community out Reach:

SMUFOM appreciates ability to reward the area has so energetically invited us. Each semester, SMUFOM coordinates wellbeing fairs at neighboring grocery stores, retail outlets, and in the focal point of Downtown Punda where our students give many individuals free fundamental clinical assessments. These occasions are finished as a team with the Student Government Affiliation. Students do essential checks including estimating their blood glucose levels, circulatory strain, and BMI at these wellbeing fairs. This scarcely empowers SMUFOM to help the area, however it additionally gives our students direct information.

As expansion to sorting out wellbeing fairs, our student organizations likewise give a great deal of time to aiding vagrants and low-pay families on the island. The Christian Clinical and Dental Affiliation invests some parcel of energy into raising money for these organizations every semester. They likewise cut out time from their rushed timetables to visit the close by halfway houses and play with the children there. Students from different religions partake in these exercises, in spite of the name.

ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine Campus:

All to upgrade the learning climate for its students, St. Martinus plans to offer the most secure and most amiable lodging setting conceivable. We are very glad for our achievements and really buckle down each day to keep up with our remarkable lodging climate.

St. Martinus guarantees a first rate boarding climate for its children while likewise reestablishing an island symbol that is a wellspring of pride for the area. Since the convenience is near the homerooms, it offers its occupants an additional degree of comfort. Prior to the beginning of the semester, a $600 security store and the whole semester’s lease are expected to get dwelling.

ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine Meal Plan:

For on-campus students, SMUFOM gives an additional feast plan bundle. The expense of this food plan, which furnishes students with lunch and supper two times per day, is $2,500 a semester. Each dinner incorporates a veggie lover choice. For non-veggie lover decisions, just Halal butcher meat items are used.

ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine off Campus:

Regardless of the extensive variety of on-campus lodging choices St. Martinus gives, students are not committed to remain there past their most memorable year. The Branch of Convenience at SMUFOM can help students in finding the most reasonable elective lodging. Kindly know that SMUFOM is definitely not a rental organization for students and isn’t responsible for the details of any arrangements made between a landowner and a tenant. Basically, SMUFOM gives the apparatuses it can to put its students in the living game plans they consider generally proper.

ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine off Approvals:

Beginning around 2000, the Netherlands Antilles government has authoritatively sanctioned St. Martinus University. This contract gives St. Martinus University the position to grant its alumni the Specialist of Medicine degree, after which they will be able to rehearse medicine. We are besides recognized by the Curaçao Service of Wellbeing.

Admission Process for the course, MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

Documengts Expected for the Admission:

Demand Structure:
There is a $75.00 non-refundable handling charge.

Confirmed, fixed records:
Upper School (Pre-drug students as it were)
Everyday life (Fundamental Science)

MCAT score for students in the US and Canada, if proper:
All candidates for admission to the Staff of Medicine are urged to take the Clinical College Confirmations Test. A student who has taken the MCAT test ought to set up for the testing organization to give the authority score report toward the North American Managerial Help Office, but it isn’t required.

Character Reference Letters:
Letters of proposal from two individuals (ideally from science teachers)

Present an Individual Exposition:
Explain to us why you need to turn into a specialist. Anything you consider significant that you accept will assist the Board with arriving at a judgment.

Screening for the Admission in MBBS from ST Martinus University Workforce of Medicine:
Inside five working long stretches of getting the necessary desk work and the application cash, an individual meeting by telephone, Skype, or face to face, in the event that practical is coordinated. Students have the opportunity to articulate their thoughts during this meeting, give understanding into their application, and have the particulars they gave to the entrance advisory board checked.
To ensure a fair screening for all candidates, SMUFOM Confirmation interviews are led in accordance with a standard poll and assessment layout. We will endeavor to orchestrate the meeting during a period that works for you.

Entrance exams for the course, MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

A broad admission test might be required of students moving from another clinical school. The test’s goal is to relegate every student to the appropriate position. The admission assessment costs $100. This test has no pass or bomb choice, and it can’t be taken once more. The Workplace of the Dignitary of Scholastics will evaluate every candidate’s qualification for the placement test necessity separately.

To be ready for this test, it is exhorted that students analyze the course materials from their unique university. The Scholarly Board will tell any student who might have to step through this exam when doable after the Admissions Advisory group suggests it.

Guidelines for the acceptance of transfer credits for course, MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

A few students might have effectively finished Fundamental Science courses at one more approved clinical everyday schedule on WDOMS preceding selecting at St. Martinus University World Registry of Clinical Schools. These courses could be qualified for move credits. The student probably got done with these tasks agreeably and give an authority record from the earlier institute(s) they went to as verification that they took the course completely to get credit from St. Martinus University.

The Search Council will choose whether or not to acknowledge move credits, and the Dignitary of Scholastics should concur. On the off chance that the student’s exchange credits are supported, a put down account of the choice will be given to them alongside a duplicate going into their scholarly record. For the courses in which the student has procured move credits, the grade will be displayed as Credit on the record. The student’s absolute GPA will be determined utilizing grades from move courses.

Seat Deposit for the course, MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

In light of the restricted enlistment and particular permission, we ask that acknowledged students send a $1,000 installment to ensure their spot in the program. This aggregate will be utilized to the student’s most memorable semester educational cost and isn’t refundable.

Exception Policy for the course, MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

Some students may have successfully completed biomedical sciences courses that are equal to Basic Science courses provided within the medical curriculum prior to enrolling in St. Martinus University. The administration and teachers are aware that these students might not need to repeat those courses. These students may request an exemption from the course. The Dean of Academics must give his or her approval for any waivers.

The following papers must be provided by the student in order to be eligible for an exemption:

  • A formal letter asking for the course exemption and explaining why the student thinks it should be granted.
  • A certified transcript indicating the comparable course and the grade awarded.
  • A copy of the curriculum from the course you previously completed.
  • A letter approving the course exemption that was filed by a faculty member.

Scholarships for the course, MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

A member’s ability to seek after their yearnings ought not be blocked by monetary limitations, as per SMUFOM, which accepts that hard exertion ought to be perceived. We accordingly present our various Grants and Grants at the finish of every semester. Students who are qualified and fulfill the circumstances should send a conventional letter to the money division requesting to be considered for the honor. Likewise, all Pre-Clinical and Fundamental Science students approach installment plan choices through SMUFOM.

SMUFOM recognizes the monetary strains related with advanced education, yet doesn’t feel that this ought to keep students from chasing after their objective of becoming specialists. Consequently, we give the accompanying courses to each of our students contemplating pre-medicine and fundamental science.

Pay-As-You-Go Initiative:

With the help of this program’s payment choices, students can pay their tuition and other costs in convenient monthly instalments.

Program for Deferring Tuition:
With this program, students can postpone up to $2,200 USD per semester that will be due upon graduation.

Scholarship for the Basic members:
At the conclusion of each semester, SMUFOM presents a number of Scholarships and Awards to its students. Students who are qualified and satisfy the conditions must send a formal letter to the finance department asking to be considered for the award.

Award and Scholarship for SGA Members: 

Financial aid: $500

  • A 3.0 GPA or better, membership in the SGA, and SGA President’s recommendation, SMUFOM Administration’s recommendation,
  • All SGA Executives and Committee Members are eligible. Students need to get their finances in order.
  • The SGA members will be judged by the administrative team members before receiving this scholarship.

Indian Students loan for the course, MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

If it’s not too much trouble, know that the University has NOT allowed ANY individual or business to acknowledge ANY cash from students from India, whether as charges, commitments, or some other sort of cash. Any subsidizes spent in India to anyone won’t BE THE Obligation OF THE UNIVERSITY.

SMUFOM knows that various students will require monetary help with request to join in. We vow to help you at each step of the credit application method.

Student Loans in India:
State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Punjab and Sindh Bank, and other government banks offer student advances.

Scholastic bursaries:
At the point when a student shows scholastic ability and gets grants, SMUFOM awards them a scholastic grant for one semester. However long the student keeps up with their scholarly qualification, they are qualified for this award every semester. Students who arrive at this degree of scholastic accomplishment could likewise be allowed the opportunity to fill in as educating aides.

Occupations as Teaching Assistant:
A showing colleague work is accessible to students with a GPA of 3.0 or above. The $1000 that the showing partners get every semester is utilized toward their educational cost.

Tips to prepare for the exams of MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

Developing a reading habit, whether it be of a newspaper, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, biographies, or case studies, is a key strategy for passing admission tests.

  • Examine the written test’s complete curriculum, begin studying it, and review your knowledge.
  • One of the most crucial factors in passing admission examinations is time management, which includes both adhering to a study plan and taking as many exams as possible.
  • You can be sure that you will have good time management skills by the time your entrance exam begins by working through sample papers and mock test questions.
  • Initiate by studying the fundamentals before progressing to more complex and harder layers of ideas.
  • The golden rule for passing admission tests is to practice. Make sure your thoughts are understood and that you are familiar with the proper approaches to answering queries quickly.

Document Required for the MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

·      A completed application form

·      Official transcripts documenting all coursework covered to date

·      Two letters of recommendation

·      A one-page CV

·      A personal essay explaining your reasons for wanting to be a physician

Fee Guidelines for Pre-Medical and Basic Science Program for the course, MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

Each semester’s tuition is fully payable 15 days prior to the start of school. A 5% late charge will be applied to any payments received after the 15-day grace period before the start of school.

If the student is expelled from the university, there won’t be any refunds granted.

Any of the following ways of payment are accepted by the St. Martinus University, Faculty of Medicine. Students will get an email receipt upon payment.

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Payroll Check
  • transfer of wires
  • 5% administrative fee will be charged, Credit Card

Fee Guidelines for Clinical Science course, from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

  • Clinical rotation costs are not refundable.
  • If a check issued to cover a portion of the clinical programme costs bounces, the payment is unsatisfactory, and the remaining balance is due right away.
  • Once the clerkship costs have been paid and the clinical site has been approved by the university, refund requests won’t be granted.
  • If the student gets expelled from the university or the clinical site because they didn’t do well enough during their clinical rotation, there won’t be a reimbursement.
  • For review and the awarding of medical school transfer credits, transfer students to the Clinical Science Program must pay a one-time revalidation charge of $1,000.00.
  • Any of the following ways of payment are accepted by the St. Martinus University, Faculty of Medicine. Students will get an email receipt upon payment. All checks should be made out to St. Martinus Administrative Services.
  • Cashier’s check, cash, wire transfer, and credit card, 5% administrative fee will be charged.

Fee for the course, from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

Tuition Fees


Basic Science

Clinical Science

Full Time Student (per semester) 




Health Insurance (per year)




Residency Permit Application (per year)




Student Government Association




Application fee for the course, from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

A one-time, $75 USD non-refundable application fee is asked of potential students of the Caribbean medical school.

Specializations for the course MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

The healthcare and medical fields provide a wide range of specialties to prospective international students. The following is a list of some of the most common specialties offered by the best medical schools in the ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:


·      Psychiatry

·      Oncology and various other specialties.

·      Radiology

·      Urology

·      Psychology

·      Dermatology

·      Neurology

Basic knowledge Required for MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

·      Medical Psychology-Medical Ethics

·      Biology & Genetics
·      Methods of Research in Health Sciences
·      Biophysics
·      Behavioural Science and Health Education
·      Chemistry
·      Applied Informatics
·      Medical Probability & Statistics

Scope after doing the course MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

  • There are two basic options: either the student may start a career or pursue further education.
  • A student has several employment options after completing an MBBS programme.
  • Many students who successfully complete the MBBS programme go on to open their own hospitals or nursing homes.
  • Due to the huge demand for doctors in India and abroad, the finest aspect of the MBBS programme is that all graduates use it to land a solid career.

Job Areas after the course MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

If a student wishes to work after completing the MBBS programme, there are various positions available in the medical industry.
Both the public and private sectors provide several work opportunities.

·      Pharmaceutical companies

·      Biotechnology companies

·      Hospital Health Center

·      private hospital

·      Biomedical companies

·      Medical college

·      the laboratory

Job profiles after the course MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine:

·      The doctor

·      Medical professor or lecturer

·      Scientist

·      Psychiatrist

·      Radiologist

·      Dietician

·      Doctor

·      Junior doctor

·      Junior surgeon

·      Researcher

·      Psychologist

Frequently Asked Questions

After completing a medical degree in MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine can I conduct my higher studies in India?

To continue their studies in Indian medical institutions after completing an international medical degree, students must pass a screening exam administered by the Medical Council of India.

How long does this course last in its entirety?

This course lasts six years in total. Curriculum in accordance with Schedule 1 of the National Medical Commission of India, which comprises courses in medical theory and practical clinical rotations

What form of language will be used?

Every university uses English as its primary teaching language. The third-largest country in the world that speaks English.

What is the Fee structure for the course, MBBS from ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine?

Check out the fee structure listed below:

Tuition Fees


Basic Science

Clinical Science

Full Time Student (per semester) 




Health Insurance (per year)




Residency Permit Application (per year)




Student Government Association




What are the facilities in the campus of ST Martinus University Faculty of Medicine?

All of their classrooms are outfitted with the newest technology. The Skerpener Hall, Anatomy Laboratory, Library, Fitness Center, Lecture Hall, and Curacao Campus are also located there.

MBBS Admissions